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Nowadays, you don't really need to come to the office every day. Customs have changed. But one thing is certain: the office still has many years to go.

So, in this world where the relationship to work is changing, what are the real expectations of users? Why do people prefer to come to the office (or a third location) when they can work from home? What makes you feel good at the office?
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The question of the ideal office did not arise with the Covid-19 pandemic, nor with the subsequent containment in many countries. For several years now, the issues of quality of life at work, innovation, mobility or attracting and retaining talent have led to thinking about the accessibility, layout and equipment of office buildings.

However, the health crisis, and with it the massive and accelerated use of teleworking, have not only highlighted the need for exchanges between employees and their expectations in terms of comfort and high-performance equipment, but have also highlighted the disruptions that are taking place in terms of working arrangements and the places where work is carried out.
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